STR People: Chantelle and Ashley – Scuderia Toro Rosso

This is a chat with Chantelle Sampat and Ashley Thoday, in our UK base. Both of them work as aerodynamicists, but their backgrounds are completely different. Ashely was actually born and brought up right here in Bicester, home to our wind tunnel. He had already worked in motor sport, prior to joining Scuderia Toro Rosso […]

Passatelli – Drivers’ Kitchen

Here it is! The second episode of our Drivers’ Kitchen series is out now! Watch Carlos and Daniil take part in another race in the kitchen, while they try their best at cooking Passatelli – pasta formed of bread crumbs, eggs and parmesan cheese! Who will impress the Chef the most?!

Coming soon: Passatelli

You saw them cook a ‘Piadina’ and now it’s time for the second episode of our Drivers’ Kitchen… Are you ready to see both Carlos and Daniil take part in another race in the kitchen and find out who cooks the best ‘Passatelli’ (pasta formed of bread crumbs, eggs and Parmesan cheese)?! Carlos did a […]

British GP – Daniil Kvyat 360 hotlap – Scuderia Toro Rosso

And here we go again! With the Red Bull Ring weekend just ended, our guys have only just finished packing everything away in order to head straight for England and this weekend’s British Grand Prix. It’s Daniil Kvyat who has the task of taking you on a virtual lap of the famous Silverstone circuit, which […]

STR People – Brendan and Ben – Scuderia Toro Rosso

Our team is made up of a large number of professionals, all experts in their field. Their experience and effort is what allows the team to be competitive in the Formula 1 World Championship. We call ourselves “STR People” and in most cases the general public don’t know who they are, as they work behind […]

La Piadina – Drivers‘ Kitchen

Wait no more! The first episode of our brand new Driver’s Kitchen series is out now! Watch Carlos and Daniil go head to head for the first time in the kitchen, where they try their best to cook a Piadina – the typically Italian flatbread. Who will impress the chef the most?!

Coming soon: La Piadina

Get ready! Next week, the first Driver’s Kitchen episode will be on your screens! Are you ready to see both Carlos and Daniil race in the kitchen and find out who cooks the best ‘Piadina’ (the typically Italian flatbread)?! While your wait, get your predictions in!

Get ready for „Drivers‘ Kitchen“

How well do you think a Formula 1 driver can cook? Not long now until you find out! Coinciding with the start of the European season, our brand new series will be launched, starring Carlos and Daniil as chefs. They will challenge each other to a different type of race that will take place in […]

Bahrain GP – Carlos Sainz 360 hotlap – Scuderia Toro Rosso

Carlos Sainz takes you around the Bahrain International Circuit, have a 360 look together with Scuderia Toro Rosso driver! The strip of tarmac runs for 5.4 kilometres and in the race the drivers will tackle it a total of 57 times, covering a total distance of 308.2 kilometres, for the second round of the 2017 […]

Turning the STR12 into Music

Imagine if the noise made by our STR 12 was turned into music. Well, imagine no longer, because we’ve done it, thanks to an audio track produced and mixed by Max Casacci and Daniele Mana. The project was undertaken in collaboration with Red Bull Italy and the two artists recorded the sounds of our car […]

The art of cornering in F1

Going quickly in a straight line is all about power. But cornering quickly is a whole different ball game: it requires balance, the right level of downforce and a major dose of talent. In Formula 1, cornering is pretty much an art form. Read the full story on