Ferrari Challenge Europe – Trofeo Pirelli Race 2 at Budapest

Daniele Di Amato confirmed his great form by pulling away from the start after securing another pole position. Fabio Leimer (Octane 126) followed him in the 488 Challenge of CDP, while Sam Smeeth, Alessandro Vezzoni, Philipp Baron and Andrea Gagliardini were involved in a great battle for third… Ferrari Challenge Europe – Celebrations in Budapest […]

Ferrari Challenge Europe – Coppa Shell Pirelli Race 2 at Budapest

Johnny Laursen (Formula Racing) triumphed in the Coppa Shell after starting fastest from pole and managing to hold off Thomas Gostner (Ineco-MP Racing). Fons Scheltema and Erich Prinoth came into contact on the second corner with the Kessel Racing man keeping ahead of his Ineco-MP Racing rival… Ferrari Challenge Europe – Celebrations in Budapest for […]

Ferrari Challenge Europe – Coppa Shell Pirelli Race 1 at Budapest

The Coppa Shell kicked off in the afternoon with Erich Prinoth (Ineco-MP Racing) who clocked the best time in qualifying, but was relegated to the sixth row due to a penalty picked up in the previous round at Monza. The actual poleman Johnny Laursen (Formula Racing) was immediately overtaken by teammate Eric Cheung with a […]

Ferrari Challenge Europe – Trofeo Pirelli Race 1 at Budapest

Daniele Di Amato, dominant at Monza with the 488 Challenge of CDP, was fastest off the mark from pole, immediately outpacing the rest. Alessandro Vezzoni, Fabio Leimer, Philipp Baron and Andrea Gagliardini put on a show behind him… Ferrari Challenge Europe – Di Amato, Liebhauser and Cheung win at Budapest Subscribe ferrariworld: Follow us […]

70 Years Celebrations – Monza, June 9th-11th 2017

The Monza raceway and the city of Milan have been the stars of a great Ferrari weekend. On Saturday and Sunday the Ferrari Challenge Europe held the four races of the second round of the European Series. Almost fifty drivers offered great racing action and a lot of thrills at the wheel of the 488 […]

Ferrari Challenge Europe – Trofeo Pirelli race 2 at Monza

Trofeo Pirelli. In the Trofeo Pirelli Daniele Di Amato (CDP) started again from pole and totally dominated the race. At the start Philipp Baron (Rossocorsa) tried to keep up with the Italian driver, but in vain. He also had to look over his shoulder at a rampant Fabio Leimer (Octane 126). The three arrived in […]

Ferrari Challenge Europe Coppa Shell race 2 at Monza

Coppa Shell. The Coppa Shell again provided the first race of the day and a lot of excitement. At the start, Fons Scheltema in pole held onto first position while behind him Erich Prinoth (Ineco-MP Racing) sowed a bit of confusion at the first chicane. Shortly after, Vladimir Hladik (Baron Service) ended up in a […]

Ferrari Challenge Europe – Trofeo Pirelli at Monza

The Trofeo Pirelli provided an equally tight race, although without any dramatic incidents. Daniele Di Amato (CDP), in pole, enjoyed the best start, immediately establishing a lead with a bit of help from Sam Smeeth (Stratstone Ferrari). The latter had a real fight with Philipp Baron (Rossocorsa) and Fabio Leimer (Octane 126). Amato drove unchallenged […]

Ferrari Challenge Europe Coppa Shell at Monza

The first race of the day was the Coppa Shell, which, as often, was also the most spectacular with lots of bumps and a spectacular accident. Johnny Laursen started poorly from first on the grid and ended up being sucked back into the group. Christoph Hurni (Team Zenith Sion-Lausanne) pulled ahead of everyone but Erich […]

Ferrari Challenge – 488 Challenge, In-Depth

Drivers took to Laguna Seca for the first race in 488 Challenge in North America. Our drivers said it best; “Its more power, more torque. Its more agile. The car takes off.” Register to learn more about the Ferrari Challenge series and the all-new 488 Challenge racecar. Or watch the 488 Challenge’s debut in North […]

Ferrari Challenge Europe – A Ladies Affair

In 2017 Ferrari Challenge Europe there are three ladies competing in the Ladies Cup, a subclass for the Coppa Shell category. Manuela Gostner is from Italy and is the more experienced of the three, being part of the championship since 2014. Her sister Corinna is sitting out this year but will rejoin the series for […]

Ray-Ban Scuderia Ferrari Collection

In the 2017 season Ray-Ban joins forces with Scuderia Ferrari. Matching the audacity, ambition and adrenalin of the racetrack, Ray-Ban takes it up a notch with state-of-the-art design and technology, pushing the limits to meet new challenges with high performance style – introducing the exclusive Ray-Ban for Scuderia Ferrari Collection. Discover the Ray-Ban for Scuderia […]

70 Years Celebrations – Valencia, May 19th 2017

Ferrari celebrated their 70th Anniversary in Spain at the unique Passione Ferrari event on the 19th May at the world-famous Ricardo Tormo Circuit. Go to the Web Special: Subscribe ferrariworld: Follow us on Facebook and Twitter Ferrari Since 1947