Street Skating in Vienna Through the Lens of Jo Wahl

► Learn more about videographer Johannes Wahl here:
Jo Wahl has the whole spectrum of skateboarding video work under his belt: commercials, scene edits, full sections… you name it, he’s probably shot it. Take a look at some of his best clips while shooting around Vienna. You’ll see that this edit is shot entirely on long lens, rather than the classic follow-along fisheye look – see if you notice how different it makes skateboarding look and feel within the context of its wider environment.

„When I go on missions, I am packed like a donkey, but usually I reduce it to the minimum I can; on random days my backpack would hold a full-frame DSLR [digital single-lens reflex camera], a fish-eye, and a 70-200mm lens for long-lens shots. Oh, and a replica ‘cage top handle’ with multiple mounting options for other devices… and my board, of course!“

► Skaters (in order of appearance):
Andreas Luger
Thomas Renner
Phillip Schuster
Alexander Duda
Donovan Hofbauer
Alessandro Magnani
Marco Helm
Elias Assmuth
Mario Wirnsberger
Manuel Margreiter
Alexander Maier
Mukunda Rustig
Rodrigo Leal
Marco Kada
Jeremy Kay Koliho
Dallas Rockvam
Thomas Renner
Alexandre Massotti
Georg Staudenmaier
Philipp Gotz
Florian Erkinger
Andreas Luger

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