Dr Jonathan Glynn Enhance A Young Players Development Part 2

Dr. Jonathan Glynn is a Senior Biomechanist & Performance Analyst at The ASPIRE Academy for Sports Excellence in Doha, Qatar from 2007. He currently leads the multi-disciplinary service team for the Table Tennis Team.

He Has a PhD in Sports Biomechanics, and has studied Sports Science and Mathematics at the Loughborough University in the UK.

During this lecture he talks about how to use Performance Analysis to enhance a young players development.

If you missed it, here you can find Part 1:

In Part 2:
– Body language analysis, momentum analysis & how to maximize the output from video that you capture (0:00-3:57)
– How to use performance analysis to develop movement competency of your players (3:57-8:36)
– Summary and why it is important to embrace technology and sport science in table tennis (8:36-10:38)
– Q&A tracking your players improvement & how video helps with it all (10:38-16:15)

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