Cold Dark Barrels Lash the Emerald Isle | Filmers @ Large

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Filmers At Large returns to Ireland’s shivering shores to tackle the nation’s most feared wave. „This is going to be a big one!“ came the email from regular celluloid contributor Mikey Corker. „It might not be perfect Mullaghmore, but it’s going to be big, dark and stormy.“

And at that we were sold. After a solid El Niño season of under-dressed men riding over-sized waves, why not roll the dice on some cold, burly lumps of Atlantic, freight-training down Ireland’s western flanks as madmen in 5mil suits try their best to tame beasts?

Featuring: Luis Garcia, Hugo Vau, Andrew Cotton, Aaron Reid, Dylan Stott, Barry Mottorshead, Conor Maguire, Paul O’Kane


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Cold Black Barrels Lash the Emerald Isle | Filmers @ Large

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